Fee-Only Wealth Management

Comprehensive and built for you.

Financial Planning

Get on track to reach your financial goals though a comprehensive plan.

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Investment Management

Focused solely on our clients' best interest without the Wall Street agendas.

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Estate Planning

We weave expert estate consulting directly into your unique objectives.

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Retirement Planning

A peace of mind with a retirement income distribution plan.

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Tax Strategies

Integrating investment and tax strategies into your overall financial goals.

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Risk Management

We identify your level of risk to formulate a comfortable strategic path.

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Our Process


My Financial Coach uses each client’s specific goals, situation and objectives to define a clear long-term plan. These plans help the client maintain their discipline during the swings in the financial and economic markets. Walt Disney said, “Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” Without a clearly defined focus we are destined to wander aimlessly through the financial jungle.


Even though most clients have similar objectives (a comfortable retirement, college fund, new home, etc.) their resources, goals, family contingencies, tax complexities, time horizon and risk level vary tremendously. For this reason, we construct our portfolios tailored individually for each client. We use long term investment strategies utilizing fundamental analysis, technical analysis and modern portfolio theory.


While portfolio appreciation is important, it’s the bottom line that ultimately determines the money you keep. For this reason, we use low cost investments such as exchange traded funds, individual stocks and bonds, and mutual funds. We then combine these low-cost investments with your individual tax management strategy to preserve as much of your wealth as possible.


Finally, our extra sauce. Our conversation doesn’t end when your portfolio is complete. Instead, it’s only the beginning. We wrap up our approach with our ongoing relationship to our clients. We begin to monitor and adjust your portfolio as the market and your life situations change. But further, we are available as your resource for the many questions you will encounter over your career. Our expertise in finance spreads from Fortune 500 companies to small business questions. We are just a phone call away.


  • What is a Registered Investment Advisor?

    Firms registered as a Registered Investment Advisor is one that is regulated by their state or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the Investment Advisors’ Act of 1940. This law obligates the firm and its representatives to always act in the best interest of their client. Most financial advisors affiliated with traditional broker/dealers are not held to this fiduciary standard when investing on behalf of their clients.
  • What is a fiduciary?

    A fiduciary is a person who has a legal duty to act exclusively in another party’s best interest and must avoid conflicts of interest between the advisor and their client. Fiduciaries are forbidden to profit from their relationship with a client unless the client is informed and has given their consent. A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care recognized by the U.S. legal system.
  • Does My Financial Coach have a minimum fee or account size?

    No, we do not have a minimum annual fee and we do not require clients to have a minimum amount of assets to invest.
  • Does My Financial Coach receive commissions?

    No, we do not receive compensation or incentives from the investments we recommend. Our advice is objective and without the encumbrances of large Wall Street firms. We receive compensation only from the relationship with our client.
  • Where is my money kept?

    We keep client assets with TD Ameritrade, one of the largest and most respected firms in the financial industry with more than $1.2 trillion in total client assets. TD Ameritrade provides the client with additional security and control over their invested assets.
  • How do I transfer my account?

    Your account assets are transferred from your current custodian to our custodian, TD Ameritrade. We simply open a new account with TD Ameritrade and sign an asset transfer form. The transition typically takes only a few days. Cash deposits can be deposited by check or wire transfer into your brokerage account at any time.
  • Can My Financial Coach take my money without my authorization?

    No, we are limited to withdraw only the agreed upon monthly investment fee through your TD Ameritrade account. This fee is shown each month on your TD Ameritrade statement.
  • Can I cancel my arrangement with My Financial Coach?

    Yes, if you are unsatisfied for any reason you may cancel at any time.
  • Do I have to pay in advance?

    No, all of our services are billed and paid at the end of the month or after the project is completed.
  • How is my privacy protected?

    My Financial Coach complies with all privacy laws of the financial industry. Unless we are required by legal and regulatory agencies, we do not release information to any party not specifically named on your account without your permission. We are required to provide our clients a copy of our privacy policy annually detailing how we protect your information.

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